Lucie Úblová, M.A.


Czech, English

Professional Specialization

Psychologist, Coach


Masters degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology (LaSalle University)

Brief Biography

Lucie received her master’s degree in Psychology at LaSalle University in Prague. She went through 2-year training in Systemic Coaching and Supervision and at the moment she is attending 4-year training in Systemic Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy by Milton Erickson. She believes in life-long education and enjoys the process.

Lucie has been working as a psychologist and coach both for individuals and international couples. She specializes on interpersonal relationships dynamics, communication, personal development, stress management, motivation, identity, confidence and healthy lifestyle. Lucie strives to provide safe and intimate environment for her clients. Confidentiality is always of highest priority.

Lucie speaks English and Czech.