Counselling psychologists aim to help individuals make decisions for themselves to improve their sense of personal wellbeing and alleviate distress. The work is concerned with the application of psychological theories and techniques to help people deal with everyday problems associated with life events.

Counselling psychologists work therapeutically with clients that may have a variety of problems, difficulties and life issues. These may include: bereavement; the effects of childhood sexual abuse; relationship breakdown; domestic violence; major trauma; and/or symptoms of psychological disorder such as anxiety and depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder or psychosis.

They work collaboratively with people, exploring underlying issues to empower them to consider change. Contact is mainly in a community/social, health/medical or organisational setting with the following clients: individual adults or children; students and young people; families and couples; older people.

Counselling psychologists working as associates with The City Practice are required to have a minimum training to post-graduate (MA) level in counselling psychology, have supervised post-qualification experience, and receive regular professional supervision and professional development.