Service Development

Some services do not require a full-time psychology department but do, from time to time, require the support of clinically qualified psychologists.

Whether it is to help understand particularly problematic cases, or to provide support and training to staff teams, The City Practice can provide qualified psychologists to support smaller services such as schools and care facilities on a range of issues from individual patient assessment and treatment to long-term clinical service planning, development, and staff training.

When you contact us we will carefully discuss your needs for service support. We will help clarify the issues and areas of concern and work with you to develop a plan of action which may, for example, involve staff training on psychological problems, management team support or case supervision.

  • Individual Service Planning and Development
  • Service Evaluation and Support
  • Training on the Symptoms and Causes of Common Psychological Problems
  • Management Team Support
  • Individual Case Consultancy and Staff Training
  • Appointments can usually be made within two weeks of initial contact.

For more information or to discuss your needs contact: